DISRUPT Roundtable


Apply and Plan your way out of the Uncertainty

How do you lead your organisation in these chaotic times?

How do you plan when the ground keeps shifting?

How do you provide certainty for your staff when you are learning and adapting yourself?


It’s estimated that as a result of this crisis, 20% of businesses will no longer exist and the way customers (or patients) expect to engage with their services will change radically.

Healthcare delivery and rules have changed dramatically and business owners are feeling their way through the crisis on a daily basis. Without the right help and support, it can be exhausting – expensive – and damaging to businesses and careers.

Major challenges face the leaders of clinical networks in ways that those who own and run one or two clinics don’t understand. 

Cashflow, people, technology, PR and other business operating functions magnify 

More stakeholders are involved in each move

Yet, there’s great opportunity in this crisis for those who plan well and adapt their mindset. 

About The Roundtable

We’re excited to partner with Razzoo and participate as one of the advisors to The Roundtable, specifically designed to help you and your team bounce back and make this your best year possible.

This DISRUPT program helps CEOs and business owners manage chaos, know of the very latest cutting edge tools in leadership, marketing, sales, service and systems. 

The mentoring received at the Roundtable helps you receive the guidance, tools and resources to 10x your results in a 3 month exclusive program. 

PLUS: We are doubling down on our commitment to you. You will get more additional support to help you and your team transform in these tough times.


What you get:

Expert Guidance

High Level Peer Group

Access to New Markets and World Class Opportunities

Ten 30 min Group Calls under Chattam House rules

Three 2 hr Strategy Briefings with you and your team

Access to Medibusiness materials, templates and courses


Price: AU$5,997.00 for 3 months. Please contact us for pricing and grant options. Limited to five companies in April, with the next application around 15 May.

Apply now: email us for an application form.