DISRUPT Pandemic Response and Recovery Planner


Medibusiness’ DISRUPT Pandemic Response and Recovery Planner helps business owners get unstuck. 


Perhaps you need to:

Define Business Goals.

Set Budgets.

Track ROI.

Track Milestones and Deliverables.

Build Better Products and/or Services.

Build Roadmaps.

Prioritize Features.

Crowd-source Ideas.

There’s five stages to plan and manage your response to the COVID-19 crisis. There’s at least two waves to recover from COVID-19 crisis, depending on your business.

Essentially, as a business owner, you need to think your way out of your current situation and create a better future. 

Written with business owners in Healthcare in mind, this set of tools can be used by leaders to plan their response to COVID-19 and how their business will come out better, stronger faster.

This is the workbook to the DISRUPT Pandemic series of courses. 

The workbook will be released when the Pandemic series of courses start on Friday 24 April 2020.