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DISRUPT: Pandemic COVID-19 Planning – “Surviving and Thriving”

Medibusiness consultants have planned our clients’ responses and recovery to COVID-19 using the DISRUPT principles we teach with our partners, Gyrilla Group.

We’ve adapted our DISRUPT education series to help healthcare businesses responding to COVID-19.

We’ll share several straightforward planning tips to help you orient yourself and your business in these challenging times. These are ideas we’ve gathered from interacting with healthcare firms in Australia and around the globe, as they prepare for the onset of COVID-19 pandemic and, more importantly, the recovery.

The Government’s available financing is not suiting every business – and medium-sized healthcare clinics and networks are particularly disadvantaged, caught on the hop with JobKeepers and Instant Asset Writeoffs.

The first in this series is on Surviving and Thriving: a planning discussion for business owners of healthcare clinics and networks to understand how to structure their response and see how other businesses – in healthcare and in other industries – are responding and planning their recovery.

This is NOT a forum for your tax, accounting or HR questions – we trust that as savvy business people, you have specialists you trust to advise you in these areas. This is the forum to draw together the strategic and operational calls to plan for your recovery and financing your plans to move on.

Your Speakers: Dr Grace Lai will be available to speak on how to structure and operationalise your recovery plan. LinkedIn:

John Domantay from Alecto Finance will be joining us to take us through the Financing Options for your recovery plan. LinkedIn:

We want to share five important decisions you need to make right now, before you go back to work on Monday.

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